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Rock is my life, jazz my passion, and the theatre my big love!


For 60 years she’s been in tops of Croatian musical circles, and she also made impressive international career. One of the best Croatian jazz-rock singers and blues performers, often styled the First Lady of Jazz. Famous by her charismatic and unique voice and versatile approach to music, high-energy performances, interesting interpretations and powerful improvisation. Masterfully crossing genre boundaries, she conquered both jazz and rock audiences and critics. Fame of being ahead of her time was reconfirmed last year when her 1978 first album was reissued, recent selection of her song “Electra” for Chanel fashion show in Paris, and new arrangements of her early songs “Frka” (eng. Fuss) and “Mali crni brat” (eng. Little Black Brother).


Charismatic and timeless, Zdenka Kovačiček told endless music stories in 60 years of her career. She travelled the world singing, explored different genres and expressions and conquered theatrical stages of musicals, all the time with no concerns about trendy stuff. Besides unique gift and passion for music, Zdenka always had that “extra something” that is not easy to find. Always herself. In music, she’s both subtle and brave, stable and curious, safe and exciting. For her, borders were and remained unknown - she found her place equally in Europe, Russia and America, as well as in various musical genres and art forms. With all her experience and her age, she keeps growing musically.

 She was called the best jazz-rock female vocalist, exquisite blues performer and the First Lady of Jazz. Known by her recognizable voice and style affinities, particular sensitivity in interpretation and masterfull improvisations. Her songs from 70’s and 80’s are now being rediscovered and used in new contexts, presenting Zdenka’s early works to young, urban audiences. Her first, 1978 album, named simply “Zdenka Kovačiček”, was reissued last year all over the world as “rare and exceptional album”. It recently reached global catwalks - Karl Lagerfeld picked “Elektra” from this album as music scene for Chanel fashion show in Paris. From the same album, Dementronomes did “Mali crni brat” (eng. Little Black Brother) cover, and Nipplepeople, another popular Croatian band, did cover of the title song from 1981 album “Frka” (eng. Fuss).


For 60 years Zdenka Kovačiček is among top performers of Croatian musical circle, and she also built significant international reputation. Upon her return to Croatia in 70’s, she was building rich solo career, masterfully immersing herself into rock, blues, soul and jazz genres, with occasional theatrical performances, her other love. Her greatest successes were musicals “Love, Janis” and “Ella and Marilyn”. For the latter she was nominated for Croatian Actors Award. Among other recognitions, she received Elle Life Achievement Award, Rose of Večernji list for musician of the year, Porin award for best female vocal and Award for Historic Contribution to Croatian blues music.


From being a star of BOOM festival, through successful jazz phase with Vanja Lisak to collaboration with young Marko Tomasović and “Žena za sva vremena” (eng. Women For All Times), in every decade Zdenka forifies her place on top of the tops of Croatian music. During her career she had a series of successful and diverse collaborations with foreign musicians, and also with domestic composers and musicians. She performed in jazz clubs all over the world, toured Russia 25 times, and in America she presented one of her favourite albums, “Love Is a Game” with lyrics in English. So far she published 17 albums and endless compilations. Her single “Jutarnja frka” (eng. Morning Fuss) announces new studio album, expected to be published in 2019.


…she was appropriated both ba rock and jazz fans, she was safe bet at every blues and soul festival, she performed in musical theaters, piles awards and was announced as the best female voice in the country. To her audiences and produces she responded only with arguments of her voice, with extroverted quality that reminded of Dinah Washington, rhythm-and-blues mannerisms of Etta James and bold, often risky fireworks of Janis Joplin…” – Dražen Vrdoljak

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