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Rock is my life, jazz my passion, and the theatre my big love!


She became a legend on the top of her career. With 5 years she was on the stage singing, dancing and acting in the children’s theater of Zagreb. With 13 she was a teen sensation standing on the stage with stars like Bill Halley, The Kings, Ink spots and Peter Kraus...

She made an Europe tour with a friend of her as DUO HANI. After 7 years they took apart. Zdenka continued to sing in American clubs for a while with her own band and recognized her obsession with jazz and soul.

1970. - was the year of her come back to Croatia. Actually, she was invited the festival of OPATIJA 70. A beautiful ballad by Miljenko Prohaska "Zbog jedne melodije davne" (Because of an old melody) and her extraordinary performance brought her the 1st prize and a big success. She was discovered as a jazz singer. She started collaborations with many famous jazz musicians of Croatia like Boško Petrović, Damir Dičić etc. For a couple of years they had many unforgettable sassions in the legendary club Kulušić- At least this was a result of her European adventures learning, listening and living jazz and blues in American clubs. She was happy to be at home at least, ready for new adventures.

But, her instinct of a performer and her needs for challenges shunned the status of an untouchable diva in the arena of popular music, it seamed that she simply could not wait for an alternative event, such as the BOOM festival in Ljubljana 1973. where she felt at home in the company of the rock trio Nirvana. The big success in front of 7 000 listeners was her song "Click Theme Nr. 1" (her own improvisation on a theme of a Yma Sumac song). She continued to perform with rock musicians, made a tour with one the line-ups of YU jazz rock selection.

In the midd-1970s the position of Zdenka Kovačiček within the rock community of the former country was further established as she became the best female rock vocal and her charismatic image maintained as a feature of her appearance to this day.

She was claimed by rock and jazz fans, her interpretations where considered a recipe for success at blues and soul festivals. She preformed in music theatre - generally speaking legendary enthusiasm has always helped her to deal smoothly with most of the concert activities and recording projects she was involved in.

Zdenkas soul response to audiences and producers was her extrovert voice which displayed jazzy articulations of Dinah Washington, rhythm and blues mannerisms of Etta Jammes, as well as the bold and often risky fireworks of Janis Joplin.

She collaborated with the best composers: Goran Bregović, Kornelije Kovač, Vladimir Delač, Igor Savin, Miljenko Prohaska and legendary rock groups : Nirvana, Time, YU jazz-rock selection and Telephone blues band.

She still prefers club sassions, but performs very often in front of big audiences in arenas, concert halls and stadions. In the 1992. she was on stage with Fats Domino, 1995. with Beny King, she recorded her own TV show etc.

She was on 25 tours in SSSR singing on stadions, sometimes for 30 000 peoples.

1988. she released an album in English called "Love is a game" and promoted it in Los Angeles, Finland and Middem festival in Cannes, and received best critics for it.

1990. her concealed alter ego of a jazz singer was stirred and she released 2 CDs of classic and arranged jazz standards "Happy Jazz 1 & 2" featuring the trio of the pianist Vanja Lisak with famous guest musicians (Georgij Garanjan and Peppino Principe) which where accompanied by a serious of club sassions in Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia.

1999. she meets a young composer Marko Tomasović and began collaboration initiated by a new vitality as 20 years before, but under the changed circum stances in the music market. Her come back was the come back of the year. The song "I'm a woman" (for all seasons) replaces most of the previous definitions of her long career both as a hit single, as well as a new identification code for Zdenka Kovačiček by means its transparency.

Having recognized this quality the records company Cantus released the album "I'm living my dream" in 2001. witch brought Zdenka the Porin award (Croatian Grammy) for the best female vocal in 2002. in a competition than she new at the time when no one dreamed of this award. Now, after 50 years on the stage she is preparing her greatest projects: a theatre project, a double CD the "Golden collection", a jazz CD with the Big Band orchestra of the Croatian radio and television company, and a concert for European Broadcasting Union on 28.9.2008. in Zagreb.

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