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Zdenka Kovačiček , the white singer with the black voice.

She is the first Lady of Croatian jazz vocal, thanks to her vocal authority and feeling for improvisation, as well as black colored voice.

Thanks to many performances all over Europe, she has an international reputation.

Her style affinities are based on a tradition of American jazz vocal, swing and jazz standards.

With such classical repertoire .she collaborated with many Big Bands. Big Band of the Croatian Radio and Television, Big Band RTL-Ljubljana, they made a big Tour in Italy-featured by a famous Italian Accordion -player Peppino Prencipe.

Last ten years Zdenka performed often in Austrian jazz clubs with Manfred Josel Trio,W.Silly Trio,W.Schreiner Carinthien Swing Combo, Old Stoarigler Jazz Band, Pfaff Combo and Dejan Pečenko Trio.

Her concerts in the first Jazz club of Graz, The Royal Garden club, are pronounced as a first class appearance.

She performed on many jazz festivals all over the country, from BP club in Zagreb, Vodice, Lošinj, Lastovo to Supetar on the island Brach, where she organize her own jazz festival with different gests.

She gave some concerts on famous Lent festival in Maribor, with Ladislav Fidry Big Band.

28.12.2003.-She sang in a big concert hall V.Lisinski in Zagreb, for her 30.Anyversary, with HRT-Big Band and Symphony Orchestra of HRT. The same concert was performed in Austria.

She sang in Burghausen with Carinthien Swing COMBO  a few times.

In a year 1995.she gave two concerts with V.Lisak Trio, in Cammer Theater in a war surrounded Sarajevo.

Since then she is a dear guest in all Sarajevo jazz clubs with a famous piano player Sinan Alimanović and his quartet.

She had the honor to open a wonderful new jazz club in a small town Sisak in Croatia, where she sings every few month in a sold out club with big success.

After many successful collaborations with legendary jazz musicians as M.Prohaska, D.Dičić, B.Petrović, L.Fidry and V.Lisak, she start her new era with young musicians like D.Pečenko, S.Alimanović,and M.Dedić the best young piano player in Croatia.

Her beloved young jazz formation stays Black Coffee group, they feel each other deeply, and their concerts are fantastic......

She also performed in LA, with an excellent American trio.

Next year her album with Big Band will be released, on 28.09.008. a concert for EBU in Lisinski Concert Hall, and in October, her dream acting in rock opera Love Janis will come true...

Till then, keep bluesing.....and swinging...!!!!!

Anniversary jazz concert for 50 years of her career accompained by the
Big Band Orchestra of the Croatian television
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